Randy Pavlock (US)

Randy Pavlock kjem heilt frå USA for å spela på Tysnesfest. 

Han har ein unik evne til å fanga sitt publikum, og speler blues rett frå hjarta. Randy har tidligare delt plakat med storheiter som Paul Rogers, Joe Bonamassa, Coco Montoya og mange andre. Under Tysnesfest kan du oppleva han på cruise med Statsraad Lehmkuhl fredag 13. juli der og The Vossa Rebels skal spela. 

“I believe music is guidance,” seier han. “My inspiration to write comes from things I have seen throughout my personal journeys and to putting myself in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes when we are faced with a problem we cannot solve and have no one to turn to, I believe the answer is in the message of song. After all, this is what inspires us to better our soul in this life long journey. I get a high, not from the attention of standing in front of an audience, but knowing I have reached out to someone in need. That is the best feeling that really cannot be explained!”